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MediBanks - Award Winning Workforce Management Software

Reduces Cost & Maximises Productivity

MediBanks is an end-to-end highly automated platform that reduces the cost of managing an agency or staff bank department.

  • Customer Segments
  • National Government
  • Healthcare Groups
  • Recruitment Agencies
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World leading staff bank & recruitment agency cloud software

MediBanks is a cross platform, multi-profession cloud-based software system that offers an innovative solution that enables a single recruiter to manage in excess of 200 contingent workers. The platform is highly automated and is proven to reduce your admin overhead while maintaining the highest level of fill rates.

Complex workflows made simple

Intelligent data driven solutions simplify complex recruitment workflows.

Reduce risk with real-time compliance

Tailored compliance requirements to suit each profession or post helps reduce risk when engaging with your contingent workforce.

Exceptional online user experience

Minimal training required as our intuitive interfaces and simple navigation flow provide for an exceptional online user experience to candidates, system administrators and external clients.

Platform Overview

Automated Placements

Intelligently matching and allocating available healthcare workers to vacant shifts within minutes, taking into account a variety of shift criteria and worker preferences.

Compliance & Risk

Reduce risk with real-time compliance checks and tailored performance feedback. Provide managers with the ability to restrict workers from a hospital, department or ward.

Budgeting & Controls

MediBanks manages multiple rate bands including hourly pay caps across various staff groups. Alerting staff managers as they begin to approach their allocated budget limits.

Contract & payroll

Dynamically manage worker contracts (direct or indirect engagement) generating a payroll file or invoice to reflect the worker’s contractual preference.

MediBanks System

Services Overview

Managed approach to deployment

Our implementation team work closely with all stakeholders within your organisation to ensure the seamless integration, deployment and on time delivery of MediBanks.

Development & cloud integration

Controlling the proprietary rights to our platform allows us to develop additional functionality or enhance existing features to specifically meet the demands of our clients.

Certified support & training

Notwithstanding the intuitive nature of the platform, online tutorials provide users with immediate assistance or certified trainers can provide on-site or online training.

Advanced IT security architecture

Utilising the latest SSL and encryption technologies ensures our client’s information is securely held on the cloud. We also facilitate alternative data hosting to suit our clients.

Case Studies

SoftRecruit - Vendor Management System (VMS)

When you are unable to source suitable staff through your bank, our SoftRecruit VMS will publish your vacancies to your agency framework and mange their responses. SoftRecruit will help you efficiently and effectively manage your recruitment agency supply chain.


Real Time

Time &



Open API

Soft Recruit Icon Basic Lite Plus Enterprise


  • Simple intuitive user interface
  • Customisable to client requirements
  • Real-time roster reports

Agency Framework

  • Cloud-based agency portal
  • Cascades jobs to agency framework
  • Manages all agency communications
  • Open API

Agency Staff

  • Trace all agency staff movements across your network of hospitals, clinics and nursing homes

Staff Bank

  • Ability to place hospital bank staff into bookings


  • Reports usage by location, ward and profession
  • Reports the reasons for booking agency staff
  • Analyses agency fill rates


  • Records agency cancellations
  • Captures candidate attendance issues
  • Stores workplace incidents


  • Manages timesheets electronically
  • Timesheet approval audit trail
  • Reduces your administration overhead


  • Creates self-billing agency invoices
  • Allows for invoices to be easily reconciled
  • Integrates into external finance systems


  • Candidate pre-employment checks
  • Ensures agency rate compliance
  • Monitors candidate performance


  • Real-time feedback
MediBanks App

Real-Time Analytics

Detailed analytics on agency usage, expenditure and fill rates.

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A cross platform system focussed on 3 customer segments:

National Government

MediBanks is approved cloud software to the UK Crown Commercial Service G-Cloud 10 Digital Marketplace. Allowing NHS Trusts to purchase directly.

Private Healthcare Groups

Ideally suited to multi location hospital groups or homecare providers. Improving continuity of staff by sharing the contingent workers across your entire network.

Recruitment Agencies

If you are seeking a fully joined-up solution to manage all aspects of your recruitment business then we have the perfect system for you to reduce cost and increase profit.

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